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Concept Consultation
Script Writing
Managing Shoot Dates
Locations and Permissions


film clap logo Directing
Actor/Crew Management
4K Video Recording
Sound Recording
Camera Operation
Video Assist and Client Relations

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Music, voiceover recording
Sound Mixing
Motion Graphics
Colour Grading
Multi-Format Exporting

Concept and preparation

According to your budget,  media platform and target audience, we set a production plan and agenda with you. We combine multiple approaches to creating content such as style, rhythm, story, concept, structure and design. At Better Future Films, we are aware that the role of each of these aspects, will successfully captivate your audience and help you achieve the goal of your film. We're also convinced that these elements, edited with an great opening that grabs the audience, and a closing that ties it all together, are vital to the success of your film project.



Well, let's say our capabilities are limitless. From hiring talents or technicians, to renting state of the art camera equipment or engaging expensive directors, we can provide you with anything or anybody you want to afford… But of course, most generally for affordability, we first prioritise and offer our own equipment and “in house” facilities.



Our artistic creativity allows us to produce special effects and stylish animations to make your film really attractive. Our knowledge and experience of our own in house editing suite using the most up to date software (Final Cut X, Motion and After Effect), enable us to create beautifully edited projects and fine tuned mix (thanks to Genelec for the sound quality of their speakers). But again, for more extensive project, as feature length documentary or commercial, we collaborate with great partners that would be chosen for specific and complex editing process.


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