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 Prices and Production Packages

play 2

450 euros

No consultation meeting

Four hours shooting max

Four hours of cut editing

Two animated titles

Yourtube/Vimeo uploads

 450 euros

play 2

800 euros

One hour consultation meeting

Six hours shooting max

Eight hours of editing process

Transition effects

Four animated titles

Yourtube/Vimeo uploads

 800 euros

play 3

1500 euros

Two hours consultation meeting

Ten hours shooting max

Wireless microphone

Twenty five of editing process

Transition effects

Ten animated titles

Ten lower third titles

 Yourtube/Vimeo uploads

 1500 euros

play 4

2500 euros

Four hours consultation meeting


Two days shooting max

Wireless microphones

Forty hours of editing process

Transition effects

Special effects/filters

Unlimited animated titles

Unlimited lower third titles

 Yourtube/Vimeo/Dropbox uploads and DVD

 2500 euros

play 5

8000 euros

 Consultation meeting: unlimited time

Five days shooting max



Sound engineer + complete set

Camera with 2 sets of lenses

Camera crane or traveling

Flat fee for the editing and mixing process until project done

Voice over recording/mixing

Color grading

Unlimited animated titles

Unlimited lower third titles

 Yourtube/Vimeo/Dropbox uploads and one DVD

 8000 euros


Here at Better Future Films, we understand how important the internet is for any business, and know that video is more and more used in the searching process. With new viral trends appearing every day, we can offer your company a promotional film that is quick and eye catching, to attract viewers and new visitors to your page and potentially new customers. We can compliment any marketing campaign to ensure your brand is portrayed the way you envisioned it.



Videos are a great way to communicate to your customers and employees and we can construct videos for almost every type of corporate use. Need a more universal way to train new employees? Contact us and we can film training videos for all industries. We can create interview/documentary videos to give people a better look at your company and those who are working hard to grow it! Whatever the video, we can assist you every step of the way.



You see them everywhere you go, and if you are looking to take your adverting to a new level, we can assist you! We can create television commercials, 15-30 second YouTube ads, digital banners, and any other form of commercial you would like to display your product through. With our 4k capabilities can can also create movie theatre sized commercials.


All events are welcomed! Private parties, corporate guest speakers, charity fundraisers, weddings, and many more. Events are a great way to build team moral for any business, and just a great way to entertain. With our video service we can catch every moment for you to distribute to those who attended, or to use for advertising purposes.

Short/Feature Film

Film festival? YouTube channel? Better Future Films can help you. Films can be difficult to plan alone, so allow us to help you every step of the way. We can help plan the entire shoot, start to finish, with top quality equipment and editing software. All ideas and artists are welcomed to Better Future Films, and we promise to try and make any film budget work..


There are many types of documentaries: length, budget, target audience, and they all have in commun to inform and communicate greatly. At Better Future Films, with our experience in journalism, we thrive making documentaries and can produce your own. We also work on ambitious projects for television broadcasting to co-produce.

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